MLN’s principals have hands-on experience in almost all aspects of residential property ranging from the gut rehabilitation of vacant shells to the conversion of rent regulated rental buildings to co-op status including:

·      Acquisition and disposition of properties
·      Institutional and investor relationships
·      Apartment leasing and tenant relations, including the maintenance of all required governmental documents and adherence to mandated regulations
·      Ongoing repair and maintenance of the physical asset, including capital improvements of building-wide systems, as well as the gut renovation of individual apartment units
·      Leasing of retail units
·      All aspects of personnel management
·      Interaction with outside professionals (lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers, contractors etc.)


·      Prepare and review lease applications and renewals
·      Bill and collect rent and escalations
·      Maintain tenant security accounts
·      Make tax and mortgage payments
·      Authorize vendor payments
·      Prepare monthly financial reports
·      Prepare annual property operating budgets
·      Review insurance requirements
·      File necessary paperwork with the proper New York City agencies
·      Comply with the most up-to-date regulations


·      Complete regularly scheduled property inspections
·      Manage tenant turnover of both residential and commercial spaces
·      Secure proper permits, licenses and inspections for each property
·      Hire tenant-oriented building staff for regular maintenance and repairs
·      Manage and schedule renovation and building improvement projects